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XLIVE is transforming the way festivals and live events share expertise, learn and revolutionize experience.

For 14 years XLIVE has been providing resources and information to the festival and live event industry. The XLIVE Data & Analytics Summit will convene festival and live event producers, leading data and analytics executives, in addition to brands hosting their own corporate events and festivals. With over $1.1 billion invested in event technology in 2016, the digital transformation in the live event sector is growing at unprecedented levels. As live events and festivals experience increased competition from one another and strive to provide unique experiences for fans and attendees alike, technology will serve as a cornerstone in this effort for years to come. With this digitization of the live event experience – event organizers can now harness the power of their data to more effectively engage attendees, understand customer behavior, increase revenue, analyze competition, identify talent trends, monetize assets, enhance sponsorship activation and more!

At the XLIVE Data & Analytics Summit taking place April 3-4, 2018 in Los Angeles you will:

UNLOCK – the hidden value in your organizations existing data and understand what else you can be doing to leverage and monetize data & analytics.

LEARN – how festivals and live events are utilizing their existing technology applications and tools to understand attendee behavior, sponsorship activation, who the most valuable customers are, what marketing strategies are working best and more.

EXPERIENCE – two days of interactive discussions with industry experts from the most successful festivals, events and brands actually putting data & analytic strategies to work.

ENGAGE – a community of technologists, festival producers, marketers, brands, and other stakeholders seeking insight from their data assets.

Who Attends?

Organizations attending include music festivals, concerts, film festivals, beer festivals, wine & food festivals, brands, eSports events, Cons, venues, sports teams, conventions, event tech solution providers, event services companies, financial services firms, production companies, and other organizations serving the live event and festival community.

For two days you will interact, learn from and build relationships with the president, founder, producer, executive director, chief data officer, directors & managers of data, marketing executives, sales executives and other professionals working at festivals and live events.

The Data & Analytics Insight & Information Your Event Needs

Learn how to apply data & analytics to sponsorship activation, talent booking, installations, competition, marketing, analytics, technology, ticketing, streaming, big data, mobile, project management, brand partnerships, food & beverage, payment solutions, virtual reality and much, much, more!


XLIVE is transforming the way live events share expertise, learn and revolutionize experience. XLIVE convenes industry leaders at the intersection of music, sports, film, culinary, beverage, eSports, technology, brands and the experiences that culminate at festivals and live events. Driven by a thirst to provide unique, memorable and life changing experiences, the live entertainment industry represents a dynamic and influential community valued over $100 billion.

XLIVE reflects the passion of this vibrant community bringing together industry leaders to share, learn and explore the latest trends and a vision for the industry’s future.