Crowning Champions – Elevating the Esports Athlete

White Loft April 3, 2018 2:30 pm - 3:20 pm

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Cody Luongo, Writer, Esports Insider
Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO, Drone Racing League
Sean Charles, SVP of Publisher & Developer Relations, ESL
Nick Ranish, Director of Product and Partnerships, Esports, Turner Sports

Much like young athletes in professional sports leagues across the globe, emerging esports players are often inhibited by a lack of opportunities to improve their skills against more established competition. This situation has led to stakeholders in the esports community discussing the possibility of establishing NCAA designated collegiate tournaments, minor league systems and talent combines for up-and-coming esports players to continue to hone their craft. Our expert panel of team owners, agents and players will discuss the barriers that are preventing a true developmental pipeline for esports talent from coming to fruition and offer their insights into how the esports community can come together to make these ideas a reality.