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Cremo SXSW Brand Activation 2

Cremo’s Mobile Barbershop: SXSW 2019 Brand Activation Review

  Have you ever wanted a barber on the go for a quick touch up or even a full cut? SXSW attendees were able to do just that with the help of Cremo, a premium grooming and hair care product company who makes shave cream, cologne, face and body wash, hair gel, and more.   […]

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SXSW is back again with big names, ‘activations’ and crowds

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Good Omens’, Giant Spoon’s ‘Game of Thrones’, & Culture Trip’s SXSW Activations

  Take a look at some of the videos from Amazon Prime Video’s Good Omens, Giant Spoon’s Game of Thrones and Culture Trip’s SXSW Activations!  For those who couldn’t attend SXSW this year, this is a great recap of how brands are using experiential marketing and immersive experiences to connect with fans on a new […]

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2019 Live Event Resolutions - XLIVE Live Event Blog

2019 Live Event Resolutions

  The New Year is here which means it is time to not only reflect on the past but also set goals for the future. The transition from 2018 to 2019 should be a time where wins are celebrated and loses are evaluated for improvements. Reflecting on the year, there were many emerging trends in […]

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Leveraging Social Media to Boost Live Event Attendance 1

Leveraging Social Media to Boost Live Event Attendance

  For over a decade social media has been connecting people online through their screens. According to the Smart Insights Global Digital Report 2018, there are 3.196 billion social media users worldwide, up 13% from last year. With more people than ever online, it is important to understand how to properly leverage social media to […]

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Complying with the FCC When Using RFID 1

Complying with the FCC When Using RFID

  Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has revolutionized the way festival operations are handled. Adding this technology to guests wristbands or name badges has allowed for more efficient processes to be implemented. Check in has been sped up, cashless payments have allowed for quicker purchases, exchanging contact information has been made effortless, determining ROI for […]

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The Importance of Sponsors at Live Events and How to Acquire Them - XLIVE Live Event Blog 1

The Importance of Sponsors at Live Events and How to Acquire Them

  Sponsorships are a huge multi-billion dollar market around the world and an integral part of life events. According to IEG sponsors are expected to spend $936 billion in North America in 2018. However, while more dollars are being spent, sponsors are becoming harder to secure. IEG also found that almost six of out ten […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Chiara Adin - NA Collective

XLIVE Interview Series – Chiara Adin, N/A Collective

  This week on the XLIVE Interview Series, we had a chance to chat with Chiara Adin and get her insights on the current state of experiential design and what trends to expect in 2019.  Chiara Adin co-founded N/A Collective, a hybrid production meets creative shop in 2014 and in a few short years has […]

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Event Cancelled - Why Are So Many Events Getting Canceled?

Live Event Cancellations: Why Are So Many Festivals Being Canceled?

  Left and right it seems like music festivals are getting cancelled for one reason or another. The current 2018 festival graveyard is filled with bankrupted companies, poor ticket sales, fraudulent companies, loss of venues, lack of permit, severe weather, and other factors that lead to the cancellation of an event. The music festival industry […]

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What does IGTV Mean for Live Event Marketing 3

What does IGTV Mean for Live Event Marketing?

  In 2010 Instagram debuted as a simple platform to share photos. The platform grew to allow 15 second, and later on one minute, video clips. In 2016 the mobile application launched their “Stories” feature, which was met with some controversy. The feature is almost identical to what Snapchat, another picture based social platform, has […]

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Why Live Events Need Influencer Relations Teams

  The buzzword all over live event marketing in 2018 is “influencer”. Left and right more and more live events are using them to help promote. An influencer is someone who usually has a large following on social media, is an expert in a specific niche, and typically has power over others purchasing decisions. It […]

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XLIVE Blog - How Global Media Companies are Creating Experiential Activities

Ancillary Experiences at Live Events: Upping the Ante

  Music festivals these days involve so much more than just music. While having a lineup that attracts a large audience is still key to a successful event, having other on site experiences as well has become more and more critical. From immersive art activations to curated food events, music festivals have been adding more […]

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