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One of America’s Top 10 Music Festivals Shares Keys to Success and Overcoming Challenges

XLIVE Interview with Mike Snow, COO, Crash Line Productions Since its inception in 2013 Boston Calling has grown to become one of the preeminent music festivals in the North East, annually drawing over 20,000 attendees for each edition of the festival. Boston Calling has also received a great deal of recognition from the music festival press, […]

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Behind the Scenes of Hot Austin Music Venues: From Amphitheaters to X Games – Q&A with Austin Live Event Guru | PART ONE

Paul Thornton has been one of the most innovative leaders in the live event industry since starting his first company, Bravo Entertainment, in 1995. At its height, Bravo produced roughly 700 live music events annually throughout the country. He is now the President of TAG Presents, which forms half of Austin’s Paragon Presents partnership. Under […]

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Making Waves: Innovative Revenue Models for Festivals

Ticket sales, Sponsorships, VIP Tickets, Exclusive Lounges and much more. The goal of a festival should not be just to stay alive but to thrive. Festivals are coming up with new and inventive ways to bring revenue in. Hear how you can bring money into your festival and keep the money coming.

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Experiential Markeing: Building the Bond Between Brands and Fans

Experiential marketing is the future! It allows festival fans the opportunity to” experience a brand”. It defies the logic of traditional marketing and focus’ on the relationship with the consumer. Our brands and festivals will go into detail on their thoughts and experiences with this new age marketing technique.

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