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XLIVE Interview Series - Erin Harvego - Big Ten Network

XLIVE Interview Series – Erin Harvego, Big Ten Network

  In early 2017 the Big Ten Network announced a partnership with Riot Games. Can you tell us what started that conversation, how it came to be and why the Big Ten Network chose League of Legends as the game of choice?  In the early part of 2016, students from the Penn State esports team contacted me because […]

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Reinventing Fan Engagement with Event Tech

New forms of event technology are being launched everyday. From mobile applications to  name badges that allow you to trade contacts with a simple click, technology at live events comes in various forms. What is event better is that this new wave of innovation is being used to engage audiences more than ever before. Attendees […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Richard Steinau - WorldStage

XLIVE Interview Series – Richard Steinau, WorldStage

  This week on the XLIVE Interview Series, we sat down with Richard Steinau, Senior Vice President of WorldStage. WorldStage is one of the most senior AV and event staging companies, with an impressive 35 years of consistent ownership and management. Richard answered many of our questions from what sets WorldStage apart from other technology […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Brian Fox - Trusted Herd

XLIVE Interview Series – Brian Fox, Trusted Herd

  This week on the XLIVE interview Series, we sat down with Brian Fox, Founder & CEO of Trusted Herd, a marketplace event staffing company.  Trusted Herd is like Carfax for the event marketing industry, comprising of 50% DIY job posting, hiring, and event management, and 50% reviews. We spoke about a variety of topics such as founding […]

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Data & Analytics Summit - XLIVE

Adult Swim, Viacom, DAYGLO Ventures, UTA IQ, & National Lacrosse League Among Top Execs Hitting XLIVE 2018’s Data and Analytics Summit

  Los Angeles—The inimitable live event, entertainment, esports and sports conference, XLIVE kicks off spring with their critically acclaimed 2018 Data & Analytics Summit, a precursor to the main conference slated for December in Las Vegas. Taking place April 3 – 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, the Data & Analytics Summit will convene live event […]

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Generating Brand Activations and Engagement at Live Events

Generating Brand Activations and Engagement at Live Events

  In 2016, sponsorship spending on music festival, tours, and venues totaled $1.47 billion dollars. Now more than ever live events are becoming a hub for connecting brands and consumers. In recent years, the entertainment industry has seen brand activations, interactive sponsored spaces grow in popularity. Launching a successful event marketing campaign as a sponsor […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Nicholas Horbaczewski - Drone Racing League

XLIVE Interview Series – Nicholas Horbaczewski, Drone Racing League

  This week on the XLIVE interview Series, we sat down with Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO and Founder of the Drone Racing League.  DRL combines some of the best drone pilots with unique locations and their proprietary technology to create a sustainable league, while creating unique and original content to reach spectators and create engaging experiences.  […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Kent Wakeford - KSV Esports

XLIVE Interview Series – Kent Wakeford, KSV Esports

  You’ve been involved in the gaming scene for some time now. First with Kabam and now with KSV. Can you walk us through what got you started into gaming, about your involvement with Kabam and how it evolved into KSV? Since I was young, I’ve always loved gaming. From playing Space Invaders on my […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Biasha Mitchell - Eventbrite

XLIVE Interview Series – Biasha Mitchell, Eventbrite

  This week on the XLIVE Interview Series, we sat down with Biasha Mitchell who oversees Strategy, Music & Live Entertainment at ticketing giant, Eventbrite.  Eventbrite has become synonymous with ticketing and has been able to garner massive market share with its ease of use for both event producers and attendees, their ability to measure and […]

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XLIVE Interview Series – Ann Hand, Super League Gaming

This week we got to sit down with Ann Hand, Chairman & CEO of Super League Gaming one of the leaders of amateur esports organizers, hosting over 1,000 competitions in 16 cities across the US. We discussed what drew her to esports, plans for the future, and how SLG is providing opportunities for both the […]

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Driving Event Revenue with Data Insight

  Want to create live events that have maximum attendance, minimal operational inefficiencies, and are on point with the latest trends? While data alone cannot promise that you will orchestrate the perfect event, it is one tool that can help make it better. When it comes to event management, collecting relevant data and analyzing it […]

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