XLIVE Interview Series - Alex Hertel - Xperiel

XLIVE Interview Series – Alex Hertel, CEO of Xperiel

  This week on the XLIVE Interview Series, we sat down with Alex Hertel, CEO and co-founder of Xperiel. Xperiel merges augmented reality and IoT to combine the digital and physical world together into what the company calls the “Real World Web.” We spoke to Alex about a number of topics, including the opportunity he […]

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The Effects of the Legalization of Sports Betting - XLIVE Live Event Blog

The Effects of the Legalization of Sports Betting

  Earlier this year the Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that made sports betting and gambling illegal. Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) made it unlawful for States to “‘to sponsor, operate, advertise, promote, license, or authorize by law or compact . . . a lottery, sweepstakes, or other betting, gambling, […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Erin Harvego - Big Ten Network

XLIVE Interview Series – Erin Harvego, Big Ten Network

  In early 2017 the Big Ten Network announced a partnership with Riot Games. Can you tell us what started that conversation, how it came to be and why the Big Ten Network chose League of Legends as the game of choice?  In the early part of 2016, students from the Penn State esports team contacted me because […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Nicholas Horbaczewski - Drone Racing League

XLIVE Interview Series – Nicholas Horbaczewski, Drone Racing League

  This week on the XLIVE interview Series, we sat down with Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO and Founder of the Drone Racing League.  DRL combines some of the best drone pilots with unique locations and their proprietary technology to create a sustainable league, while creating unique and original content to reach spectators and create engaging experiences.  […]

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XLIVE Interview Series - Kent Wakeford - KSV Esports

XLIVE Interview Series – Kent Wakeford, KSV Esports

  You’ve been involved in the gaming scene for some time now. First with Kabam and now with KSV. Can you walk us through what got you started into gaming, about your involvement with Kabam and how it evolved into KSV? Since I was young, I’ve always loved gaming. From playing Space Invaders on my […]

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XLIVE Interview Series – Ann Hand, Super League Gaming

This week we got to sit down with Ann Hand, Chairman & CEO of Super League Gaming one of the leaders of amateur esports organizers, hosting over 1,000 competitions in 16 cities across the US. We discussed what drew her to esports, plans for the future, and how SLG is providing opportunities for both the […]

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Nate Eckman XLIVE Interview

XLIVE Interview Series – Nate Eckman, Ultimate Media Ventures

  We had the chance to sit down with Nate Eckman, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Office of Ultimate Media Ventures. We discussed the growing partnerships with esports clubs, the newly released franchise models for various esports titles, and the love of video games. How did you get into the space? Were you always a gamer […]

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Traditional Sports and Esports

Inside Esports, the Fastest Growing Spectator Sport in the World

  Since the invention of video games in mainstream culture in the 1970’s, video games have become so common that one in seven people play video games every day worldwide. Throughout the years video gaming has transitioned from a form of entertainment for dedicated gamers to a mass medium that millions of people engage in […]

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XLIVE Esports Summit 2017

XLIVE Esports Summit Announces Inaugural CEO Throwdown Competition + NFL and Electronic Arts (EA) Join Roster of Industry Execs

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Only a few weeks stand before XLIVE brings its highly-curated Esports Summit to New York City this August 22-23. Just ahead of this summer’s hottest summit for professional sports team owners, Esports athletes, tournament organizers, and anyone within the booming Esports industry, XLIVE is rolling out new activations and adding on more speakers to this year’s […]

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Yvette-Martinez - XLIVE Exports Summit

Yvette Martinez-Rea: Women in eSports Topic at XLIVE 2017 eSports Summit

Yvette Martinez-Rea – ESL – Women in esports Yvette Martinez-Rea is the COO of ESL North America. She’ll be speaking at the XLIVE Esports Summit in New York in August (22-23) on a panel titled ‘How women are playing a crucial role in the growth of esports’. She touches on that same subject, women in esports, here. […]

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XLIVE FEATURE: What The Future of Esports Could Look Like

From “neuropriming” to immersive fan experiences, this is what the future of esports could look like Delaware North’s Todd Merry discusses the future of esports ahead of the XLIVE Esports Headsets could play a big role in the future of esports. Not normal, everyday headsets, of course. In the near future of esports, players will […]

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