Have you ever wanted a barber on the go for a quick touch up or even a full cut? SXSW attendees were able to do just that with the help of Cremo, a premium grooming and hair care product company who makes shave cream, cologne, face and body wash, hair gel, and more.


For those who haven’t been to SXSW, the 10+ day ‘mega-fest’ is broken into three parts: film, music, and interactive, the latter featuring a vast array of brand activations, and experiential and immersive marketing. The XLIVE team was on-site at SXSW 2019, and jumped into ‘The Cremo Barbershop on Wheels’ for some knowledge of hair care products and a quick trim.



Cremo’s barbershop on wheels was held in a suave, vintage airstream trailer.  The company offered free haircuts, beard trims, full shaves, and gave away free Cremo products. To receive a haircut, attendees signed up for  an appointment and came back later in the day.  Cremo was booked steady for the duration of the activation.

In addition to haircuts and grooming, there were hair care professionals on-site sharing information and providing free consultations to other professionals in the grooming space. The XLIVE team received a grooming consultation, learned the proper techniques of how to use different types of hair gel and other Cremo grooming products, received a healthy amount of free product, and got a quick trim before heading back out to SXSW.



This effort of teaching customers and potential customer how to best use products helped this activation stand out. These initiatives will assure customers have a good experience with a product, help them get the best results, and ultimately will help them enjoy the product more.  This is especially important for retail and CPG brands.

In addition to offering haircuts to attendees, Cremo catered to hair care professionals like barbers and stylists.  Cremo knows that barbers and hair stylists are some of their largest consumers, as well as ambassadors for their products, as their products are often sold in barber shops.

When activating, brands need to think about the value they want to get from their investment. Cremo is a CPG company and touts their superior products. If your product is better than the competition, what better way to show this than to put your product in your consumer’s hands and let them try it for themselves? Cremo also did a great job focusing on education, teaching their customers to use their products so they get the best results. All in all, Cremo did a great job reaching new hair and beard-care enthusiasts by offering free on-site grooming, with a professional and fun experience. They showcased their products well, made a great impression on SXSW attendees, and did so in a unique and memorable way.



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