As the music sponsorship marketplace gets flooded with new names each season, the relationship between brands and music fans at festivals has evolved well beyond traditional advertising campaigns. Music festivals are huge events in the cultural calendar, and with that platform, they’ve began extending their reach globally, attracting wider audiences, inclusive of non-festival goers via activations like brand ambassadors and social media influencers Data from Havas media illustrated just how important it is for brands to bring their a-game to music festivals with 60% of attendees interacting with two or more brands, and a whopping 85% saying they liked the brand they visited. According to an Eventbrite study, festival attendees on average have a 37% better perception of a company after interacting with their brand at a music festival.

At this year’s Coachella, American Express offered exclusive VIP access prizes, and free tickets to Coachella 2017 to members through the brands #amexaccess social media marketing campaign. The lender tapped 10+ high- reach #amexambassadors to post engaging photos using the hashtag. Their campaign reached over 15 million people with nearly 140k likes, and 400 comments across three different social media platforms at approximately 75 times the number of people who actually attended Coachella in 2016. Indie, little-known bracelet brand, LOKAI, implemented an influencer campaign at the music festival, and reached over 40 million people, and received 2.2 million likes, and 14,000 comments. With through the roof conversions like these, festival platforms are becoming the go-to destination for brand outreach to their target millennial demographics.

XLIVE will discuss how brands have become an integral part of music festival culture in areas ranging from talent development and advocating for artist diversity at festivals to creating unique in-venue experiences that make festivals one-of-a-kind experiences for fans in the session Bonding Brands With Fans, Tuesday, December 6th in Las Vegas Nevada.

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