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Case Study: Building Systems to Grow Team Productivity

Palm B December 13, 2017 11:20 am - 11:50 am

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Louise Glasgow, Executive Producer, Maker Faire

With most festivals occurring just once a year, it is not cost effective to keep a production team on full-time. This makes it difficult to maintain continuity among key team members, especially when they are also simultaneously working on other projects.

With some basic tools and techniques, you can foster a culture of self-directed teams that will streamline your planning, keep expenses low, and make the best use of everyone’s time while you have them on the line. Over time, you can create a platform for information sharing that will keep your planning on track, empower your team to work independently and stay on top of everything that matters in the planning of your event.

Over 12 years of producing 28 Maker Faires in five different cities, I have learned that time is our most precious commodity. Maker Faire is extremely complex and produced by a small advance team of freelance event professionals. A larger (but still very lean) on-site team is supported by a traveler/volunteer program. We have been able to retain key talent over many years by respecting people’s time and providing systems for efficient work. This fosters a sense of pride that inspires the commitment to return year after year and sparks the desire to seek solutions and collaborate on improvements together. Learn how to deploy these practices for your next event.