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The Global Market – Taking Your Live Experience Overseas and beyond

Palm A December 11, 2017 4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

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Biasha Mitchell, Strategy Music & Live Entertainment, Eventbrite
Louise Glasgow, Executive Producer, Maker Faire
Caitlin Milliken, Director of Intl Licensing & Partnerships, Wanderlust
Adam Richman, Vice President, LiveStyle

Live experiences are bringing the world closer together, both metaphorically and literally. Yet expanding an event property internationally raises all sorts of new challenges like working with local entities on things like payments, sponsorships, and production, supporting local artists and locations, cultural appropriation, and more. And as events begin to stretch more across the globe, alternative community-building strategies such as opening permanent brick-and-mortar locations and expanding into fashion or media are helping experience brands grow their communities and create a sense of belonging and access all year round. Hear from leaders in the global experience industry about how to globalize your event brand, and authentically expand the offerings for your community into non-event properties.