Startup Showcase


Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative product or service that is helping to enhance the live event experience for fans, organizers, musicians, or artists? If so, we’d love to have you at our XLIVE Startup Showcase!

The XLIVE Startup Showcase allows companies in the event technology space to demonstrate their product or service to a room of event industry professionals in our 24,000 square foot exhibit hall.

All interested participants can email XLIVE Program Director Max Rollinger at under the subject line XLIVE Startup Showcase with the following details:


Startup Showcase Participants:

Ader Logo

Ader is the first sponsorship marketplace connecting brands with top eSports Talent. We leverage our relationship with Disney to help us facilitate premier Branded Events, and Player &Team sponsorship across all live streaming platforms.

Star Ale

ALE is the world’s first Space Entertainment Company. We are a Tokyo-based startup aiming to create an artificial meteor shower by sending a microsatellite into orbit. The stars will be visible over an area with a diameter of 200km – for an area like Tokyo this would mean a potential audience of 30 million people will be able to see the show. On laboratory tests we have achieved a brightness such that our stars will be visible over city skies. We are aiming to premiere our shooting star technology in 2018.


ChillHound is an easy to use web application that allows you to invite friends, family, co-workers and other contracts to any type of event. Everything from birthday parties, family events, sporting events, fantasy drafts and anything else that needs a group invite is perfect for ChillHound. All you do is set up your event, select the people you want to invite and click “Send”. Our software does the rest.


Crowdfind is the world’s premier Lost & Found software and services provider for Events, Venues, Transportation Agencies and Hotels. Located in Chicago, our software integrates into your website and mobile application(s) to simplify the Lost & Found process for your customers and staff.
Events Locker
Events Locker saves both Event Producers and Event Marketers mountains of time and money by streamlining applications and logistics management on both sides.

We provide live event producers with a web-based, mobile-friendly and streamlined vendor and sponsor management system. The system covers the entire relationship between vendors and sponsors, from selling them on the event, collecting and reviewing online booth and partnership applications, payments, document review (for contracts, insurance, permits, etc.) and all event-related logistics communications.

We offer Marketers a nationwide event search, helpful research and planning tools, and an end to hours of Google research, tedious applications and the drudging logistical back and forth, all for FREE with no subscription or booking fees!



FestivalPro is an advanced event management system, focusing primarily on festivals. Our software can be used by all sorts of events such as Food Festivals, Literary Events, Multi-Centred Events, Beer Festivals and more. All parts of a festival can be managed from Artists, Vendors, Volunteers, Contractors and Guests using our simple interface. It doesn’t stop there as FestivalPro also contains an advanced ticketing solution allowing you to manage all aspects of your festival from one place.


At Headout, we want to help you rediscover the joy of traveling by bringing the best tours, activities and attractions in your destination right to your mobile device. So ditch the tour guide and the lousy brochure and Headout. We give you the freedom to be spontaneous, because the best holiday memories always are!

In It Live Logo

Recruiting a large number of volunteers for your festival can be a daunting task. InitLive provides a unique solution to help festival managers work seamlessly with volunteers as they recruit, manage on event day, and plan for next year’s staffing needs. Recruit online using a recruitment link, allow volunteers to select roles and sign-up for shifts, use the app to instantly replace no-shows on event day, and generate volunteer reports after it’s all over.

OneAvenue Logo gives music artists a direct and immersive relationship with fans who engage with everything about the artist in one place.


Robin is a technology company that gives consumers the ability to reserve concert tickets for their favorite artists – at the push of a button. At the same time, Robin is applying mobile technology and data analysis to the live entertainment industry to help understand consumer demand and ultimately reduce the value of tickets that find their way onto the secondary ticketing market.


Sharethebus makes it easier than ever for fans to get to their favorite events anywhere in North America. Patrons can request a trip or reserve seats on a direct bus to the festival. The official transport partner for 30+ festivals, Sharethebus helps producers to attract more patrons, reduce environmental impact, and create unique travel experiences.


Switchboard connects producers, brands and developers to a world-wide network, built to facilitate the rapid development and onboarding of live video for web and mobile applications.

Over the past several years Switchboard has developed a reputation for delivering world-class product and service solutions across a wide array of industries – helping people and organizations to succeed in their live endeavors.


Waypoint Mobile Logo

Mobile and social tech is undeniably, a huge part of our lives and has the power to fundamentally change the way we experience the world around us. It tells us where we are, what our friends are up to, and what kind of music we might like. At Waypoint, we believe these capabilities should help people get the most out of large events like music festivals, conferences and trade shows.